A Dress-Down Friday

Another Friday to idle away!

Normally Friday mornings are dedicated to the cruciverbalist in me. But this this time it was destined to be framed in a different way.

The rich aroma of fresh Brazilian Santos cup. That was lovely enough to start with a lustrously coloured holiday. Life, at times, look iridescent!

Nanda was telling me about the incorrigible flirt of her husband in the drama school, which abruptly got switched over to the Tudor Architecture, tucked away down the main streets.

I, in fact, loved that grey page she dedicated to her son for a legacy he has to cherish in future. He was resting peacefully on top of his father’s tummy.Both slowly slid down to a snooze serene.

Many a wakeful night was leading her to a host of barren days where the other one had to face the rough realities impeding life.

I consoled her, ” sorrow is always the twin sister of joy; and it was only to be looked for that we, who just now were over-rejoiced, should next have something to make us sad.”

We were planning to lunch out on the patio, along with my Friday guests, a broad tailed cardinal couple.


‘Honour killings’ shame multiculturalism

Family saw slain girls as treacherous; Parents, brother on trial over ‘honour’ killings after Niagara Falls trip (Oct. 21)

Much has been discussed about these ‘honour’ killings, which are shocking and depressing.

Canada, lying spread-eagled to receive people from all parts of the world without any reservations, is all the more renowned for being very lovable with forbearance and stands really apart with its leadership qualities. The people who seek a “homely life” here should abide by the rules and regulations that are in no way difficult to follow. Some people take advantage of Canada’s nature and do whatever they used to do back at home. Such people are really a shame to the multiculturalism Canada follows. If they want to do things of their own volition, why do they target this country of peace?

In this particular case, the rule of “an eye for an eye” is applicable in the country they came from. The culprits are well aware that the law Canadians follow will never decapitate them and that prompts them to do such barbaric deeds.

These accused people, if guilty, do not deserve any sympathy. I wonder how lawyers came forward to defend such culprits, who kill the peace and tranquility of this country. We should have hawk eyes towards crimes of this nature, lest it should mar the goodwill of this country with disgracing superstitious scars that are not erasable.

Suresh Nellikode, Burlington

Jobs’ll be Apples

“I was in the parking lot [after the lecture], with the key in the car,” Jobs said. “I thought to myself, If this is my last night on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman? I ran across the parking lot, asked her if she’d have dinner with me. She said yes, we walked into town and we’ve been together ever since.”

I love this man who found romance in everyday life. Time and gain I listened to his speeches. Life was not a bed of roses for him but he proved at the same time that it’s not a bed of thorns either. He told us that we get what we wish if the power within is as strong as we can make it. He’s become part of history. It’s none other than Steve Jobs!

Some people leave this world with a host of indelible impressions, proving the reasons for taking their birth in this universe. And the ineffaceable creations of Steve Jobs are left behind and we lost him irreplaceably to the fading annals of history.

Steve…. words cannot express how sorry we are to hear of your loss. A small white lily on the memories you left behind…!