‘Honour killings’ shame multiculturalism

Family saw slain girls as treacherous; Parents, brother on trial over ‘honour’ killings after Niagara Falls trip (Oct. 21)

Much has been discussed about these ‘honour’ killings, which are shocking and depressing.

Canada, lying spread-eagled to receive people from all parts of the world without any reservations, is all the more renowned for being very lovable with forbearance and stands really apart with its leadership qualities. The people who seek a “homely life” here should abide by the rules and regulations that are in no way difficult to follow. Some people take advantage of Canada’s nature and do whatever they used to do back at home. Such people are really a shame to the multiculturalism Canada follows. If they want to do things of their own volition, why do they target this country of peace?

In this particular case, the rule of “an eye for an eye” is applicable in the country they came from. The culprits are well aware that the law Canadians follow will never decapitate them and that prompts them to do such barbaric deeds.

These accused people, if guilty, do not deserve any sympathy. I wonder how lawyers came forward to defend such culprits, who kill the peace and tranquility of this country. We should have hawk eyes towards crimes of this nature, lest it should mar the goodwill of this country with disgracing superstitious scars that are not erasable.

Suresh Nellikode, Burlington


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