What’s the scoop?

Pooch walkers are more of its kind law abiding, on the walking tracks, parallel to Fairview Street, Burlington, lest they should be struck with fines from the authorities.

But is it only in daylights?

At least a very few, with bags of tricks, won’t follow the Poop & Scoop law as they know that the City of Burlington does not have cats’ eyes to have a nocturnal encounter. Some who think that laws sleep at night, allow their barkers to have it on the road itself and walkaway unmindfully. But they make sure that they stand the benefit of the barest of any evidence, except the keepsakes left by their beloved leashed ones, for the walkers and joggers.

They fly by night!

The other day, my waited cough brought a lady back by four steps and scoop it with a swear at her pooch, who by that time started trotting after scratching the ground.


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