94 Minutes….

Never in my life have I had a terrible panic attack while watching a movie. I felt like shooting down Danny Boyle lest he should make similar movies again and hold us on like grim death. Usually I pin myself back for the movies so that I do not miss anything. I have then an alter ego intermittently knocks at me and reminds to keep cool and knock down the rest as these are movies. In the case of ‘127 hours’ it was a different experience. It could be either I wouldn’t wake up from my sleep or woe betide I might remember only the dense air I exhaled last and a sitting death with mouth open! If those stand sidelined temporarily I’m sure to have a nightmare of sliding through narrow chasms with steep canyon walls or standing on a colossal spring swinging back and forth asking for my life.

No exaggerations! ‘127 Hours’ is a breath-taking movie.

And you, like Aron Ralston, will no doubt resolve to keeping people informed about your destinations in order to avoid throwing a hand up in horror.

Shoot stands postponed and only if he does make anything lesser than this!