Belling the Sudoku Cat

I no longer plan to fill the grids of SUDOKU. For once, I succeeded today, despite making umpteen covert attempts. The rating of a single-star difficulty level hardly matters to me, as Winning was the only end before me! It’s kill-and-get-it everywhere, while not wasting Time – the villain most sought after. Initially I was concerned about the means, but my boss told me to kill the goose lest someone else should take away the golden eggs, as times have changed. I told myself that I could stand in line with Sujatha, KP Kumaran and Janet Morrison in Sudoku. All three come out in flying colours before you say Jack Robinson! I’ve been sailing off all the time in false colours saying that this is a sheer waste of time and unbecoming of my wave-length. I never admitted that these are sour grapes, as Sujatha says.

Then comes the question: why do I not want to continue with these puzzles any more. My answer is a counter question as to why conquerors of the Everest do not engage in the same expedition repeatedly? If one is confident of doing something successfully why should he/she repeat it? That reminds me another incident. My lawyer friend Antony declared that he’s planning on abstaining from smoking. He kept his word for some time, but after a month, I caught him flat-footed with a cigarette ! As cool as a cucumber he told me, ”Eda, I became confident that I can stop smoking any time and proved it too. Now, why should I stop? I can still stop it now if needed.”

Winning with a single-star difficulty rating is a step towards the victory stand and I can very soon brag about my prowess as a SUDOKU expert, with five stars. After all, who bothers about a series of victory when you can put your eggs into different baskets?


Go Unchained

Django Unchained – Exceptionally appealing!
Be it a Jew Hunter or Bounty Hunter, Christoph Waltz comes through in flying colours. Perhaps, a handed down trait of an illustrious heritage a few could claim. He does not claim much more than what he believes: Learn the lines; be on time and do one’s best. Recommended to all who missed the bus. Because, it’s as good as a mile!Austrian-German actor Christoph Waltz holds his Oscar for best supporting actor for his role in "Django Unchained" at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood