For Not Losing Our Listening

Do you feel relaxed and reassuring when you hear the song of a bird? Do you really worry when birds stop singing? There is a generalization that it’s hard to concentrate on something when you have a louder surrounding. Anything unusually louder could clog you up from concentrating hard on something. Be it the blaring of a stereo or the intermittent blowing of horns or the stentorians you come across in daily life, your chances are less to like them for they tear up your peace. But audio researchers say certain sounds make it easier to concentrate and relax.

According to Julian Treasure, chairman of The Sound Agency and author Sound Business, bird-singing is one of those that gives prominence for people to relax physically and stimulate cognitively. He says, ” Bird-songs make body relaxed and mind alert.” Over thousands of years it’s been proved that a backdrop of bird-songs reassures safety and people need to worry if only they stop singing.

In a world that goes louder and louder, we are under constant pressure either to lose our listening or the quality of it is diminishing. Treasure emphasizes the importance of having quality listening in order to convert it into a strong link of communication. He arrives to an acronym RASA (a Sanskrit term for ESSENCE) to bear in mind the importance of listening – Receive, Appreciate, Summarize and Ask)

Treasure and his team have used bird-songs to develop a free smartphone app called Study. It’ll certainly be a ‘productivity boosting’ soundscape to listen to various tweets while you work.

Picture Courtesy : Rajendran NR (NERS Photography)