”Me…. and the World Around Me…..”

The dearth of news in my long flight had been made up with a big bang. SEX CLAIM INDIAN EDITOR STEPS DOWN. The name inflated instantaneously in my mind was none other than Tarun Tejpal. To my feeble intellect, none else could have come forward crushing others underfoot for racing you in this fragile matter. (I admire and adore Vinod Mehta for keeping your book open rather than searching for elevator switches!) Yes, my guess was right! It was you, Tarun Tejpal, whom we had given a standing ovation when you came with Kuldip Nayar to speak on human rights, a decade ago. The venue was the prestigious theatre of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

How do you feel now, when the stings swarm towards you in multi-folds? And you claimed ”it was a bad lapse of judgement and awful misreading of the situation”, and volunteered to step down for six months. We’re blessed indeed! Blessed to co-exist with your living era where the accused and powerful gives the verdict. Well done Tarun! You again proved that a common man or woman is living hopelessly and precariously in the pool of political mafia where you’re swimming vigorously back and forth. You proved that the pillars of the Fourth Estate are also devoid of the warmth of infallibility a common man is falling back up up on with his/her hopes. If your family friends or their daughters or your daughter’s friends have no last straw to hold on to, where do they find solace?

ImageYou have not expected yourself to pay for it by getting stung, have you?


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