On Not Ringing A Bell

Guess who came to Teacher to guess him who he is, when she was flying from Mumbai to Calicut! As usual she failed and sank into oblivion.
”No, boy! you must be one of my dearest students. I fail… I fail….”
The boy stood on a benign smile. Behind him stood a squad with more than one string to their fiddles.
How’s Chandu? How’s Nandu? When did you come from Canada? 
Come on boy. I can’t stand this. Do not keep me in a state of suspense. 
I shall give you a clue. I go for a musical performance at NIT, Calicut.
There rings no bell!
Shall I have a photograph with you, Ma’am?
Oh sure.
I didn’t even stand with Farhan Aktar for a photograph, the other day. That’s my dear teacher.
He told his team-mates. Flashes aplenty.
Come on. Blab it out. Can’t stand any more.
My name is Benny.
Oh boy! 
Two decade’s story in a nut-shell. A lot to laugh
That was none other than Benny Dayal, the far-famed musician and playback singer wearing a winsome smile, quite unassuming as he had been!



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