Blood, Sweat and Tears


Walking is known to provide great benefits to the mind and body, but most of the time we walk with stress at our heels – hustling to work, crossing off errands or just getting to where we’re going. It provides several excellent options to slow your pace, calm the traffic in your head and reclaim the most common pastime while exploring nature’s wonders.

But, time’s precious. Nothing comes to save it wherever you can.

So, I enjoy my loooooong romantic walks…………………………………………… to the fridge.

A single door that opens to many a wonder connecting with nature’s gifts!

A power-walk, to and fro, that doesn’t tire you out nor sweat your blood out!Image


About my jump lines

A shallow brook that babbles as loudest as it can. A word lover. So with its creators too. Love tea, scrumptious food, mountains, animals, flowers, stamps, coins, films, photography, theatre, wandering, acting and whatever you will. I'm inspired by listening to elders' stories. I hope I can translate those small fractions on to the next generation.

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