What Sort Are You?


Many a time, I felt that people I meet are invariably presumptuous in giving their opinions.

Do they really go to the core of it before giving out their versions?

Do you put up with presumptuous friends or say servants of that nature at home?

Is having ambitions farcical or presumptuous?

Do any of you have a same temperament or behavior that lacks restraint or modesty?

Well, if you don’t put across your opinion, will you be termed bashful?Image


About my jump lines

A shallow brook that babbles as loudest as it can. A word lover. So with its creators too. Love tea, scrumptious food, mountains, animals, flowers, stamps, coins, films, photography, theatre, wandering, acting and whatever you will. I'm inspired by listening to elders' stories. I hope I can translate those small fractions on to the next generation.

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