A Judas Unlike

Story of Judas (Histoire De Judas)- French film

Director-Screenwriter & lead actor
Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche

When ideologies conflict along with new revelations and thoughts, characters are deconstructed with more insights and plausibility. History always stands with those who won the battles. And the losses, whatever it may be, are not counted at all. Winners do not like their victories being tied up with a host of events which could be looked up with scornful pity. Pathetic tones of the voices, at any cost, are taken out from the luminous pagination. That’s where the relevance of reexamining the roles played by the legendary characters. Here, Judas is not greedy or a betrayer. He’s Jesus’ closest friend and prepared to die to protect his master. It’s a different read and version from the usual canonical narrative. The film focuses on the relationship of Judas with Jesus. Every scene is narrated in a different way and quite unlike what we have learnt so far, without being anti-Christian or blasphemous, if anyone deems to say so. The relationships, entry to the temple court, trial, crucifixion, resurrection are all different from what we’ve learnt so far. In this movie, Jesus is a revolutionary and trying for liberation through knowledge. He stands against animal sacrifice and revolts against all types of confinements. This may well be an apocryphal story for some who firmly believe in the history we had learnt. But absolutely no signs of impiousness, but a different angle altogether to stand and look at things.

A great visual treat within the Pasolini tradition and a must-see for serious film-goers and students. The shots, dialogues and overall script construction is a matter to be gone through for creating an ambiance of a different perspective.

Reminded me the treatment of Aravindan’s Kanchana Sita!