A Decorated Veteran Leads Canadian Defence Ministry

Harjit Singh Sajjan

Harjit Singh Sajjan

Harjit Singh Sajjan is undoubtedly a paradigmatic impression of Canadian diversity that came to power yesterday. He is the newly sworn in defence minister of Canda, reporting to Justin Trudeau, the new prime minister.

Born in India and moved to Canada at the age of five, Harjit Sajjan has too many turn points in life to his credit. This retired lieutenant colonel is the recipient of Order of Military Merit, from the Governor General of Canada. Despite the initial rejection to get enlisted, Sajjan’s hard work has really paid off to become one of the top brasses of Canadian defence force. He had served in Afghanistan and Bosnia in three deployments, for Canadian army. He represents South Vancouver riding where he grew up and served the Police Department as a detective earlier. History has its wit that he is the first Sikh to command the British Columbia Regiment, a one-time unit involved in turning their back to the ship Komagata Maru, filled with, by and large, Punjabis and other South Asians. That was a century ago.

Sajjan’s elevation to this post is notable when you come to know that he has been chosen over another MP, an ex Lt. General, Andrew Leslie.