Loaded for Bears


We have an estimated number of around 105000 bears live with us in Ontario, which is a bit ‘alarming’ as far as the protection of the public is concerned. So we’re planning a spring bear hunt very shortly. It’s not a new thing but could be traced if required if you turn the pages of our animal love back. And someone said that it would even boost the tourism also if we do so. Great idea to go along whoever had transmitted that! What an idea!

According to Bill Mauro, our minister for forestry and natural resources, here are the highlights of the project.
1. You can hunt only bears who bear black colour.
2. Hunt cannot be carried out before May 01, 2016 or later Jun 15, 2016.
3. The hunt will be repeated for the next 4 years for the same duration.
4. The bears who are fond of blueberry would get preferences to get shot
first. Also, the guys who ate up last years blue harvests!
5. It’ll be illegal to hunt cubs.
6. It’ll be illegal to hunt mother bears with cubs. (Wait for mother bears
coming out without their kids, if you are so particular!)
7. Father bears have no exemption – except that you stand cleared in
your consanguinity or phylogenetic relationships as per Canadian
8. ‘One bear a year per hunter’ will be strictly followed. (Better get licensed
with the whole of the family so that a family day out would be worth-
9. No complaints will be entertained from animal activists with the effect that
the project is cruel or untimely due to winter hibernation or resulting in
orphaned cubs. (Cubs should take care not to leave their moms at any
dire straits lest they lose their maternal endearment forever)
10. The bears who are human-friendly would be exempted from getting shot
if they can prove so till April 30, 2016.

We are liberal by all means -to rural residents as well as rural hunters!


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