If only an actor does a scene-stealing performance I go after his zodiac signs and lineage. That’s how John Lithgow fell into me as a much heard and talked about Winston Churchill through the series, The Crown (a Netflix hit of 2016) Up in his hat, Churchill was heavy-handed, harsh and oppressive. He loved good language but ended up in controversies many a time in some of its usages. His comments or the epigrams used could tickle any funny bones but I’m skeptic about the responses hit back. Having seen only a few episodes of The crown I became a hardcore fan of John Lithgow.

It never ends there. The two-time prime minister is being portrayed again by two more people this year. Gary Oldman’s version of Churchill will appear in the Darkest Hour in November this year. While you see a headstrong PM in the series, The Crown, mentoring the young queen, Gary Oldman is going to have a brainstorm in his film to decide whether England should negotiate a peace treaty or stand up to Hitler and his evil thoughts. The 3rd one is Brian Cox, the Scottish actor who is performing in and as Churchill of 1944 at the time of the invasion of Northern France by Allied Forces. This film is going to hit the theatres on Jun 09, 2017.

John Lithgow as Churchill in The Crown, a Netflix Series


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